Protect Your Best Investment

Since 1989, Fire Protection Inc. has worked to deliver high-quality fire suppression systems and exceptional client service. Our Ohio-certified specialists have over two decades working in tandem with design professionals. We’re well equipped to handle the most complex design, installation, maintenance or repair challenges in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Fire Protection, Inc. strives to provide the best value and protection for the lowest overall cost to help our clients raise efficiencies and maximize resources.

No job is too big or too small.

Foresight and Planning That Powers Protection

Fire protection systems begin with products that are customized to the specific requirements of your organization. Fire Protection, Inc. starts with a full assessment of your facility, as well as applicable fire-related codes and regulations, so that we can design and install the safest, most cost-effective package for you and ensure that you are up to code.

Sprinkler system design
Wet systems
Dry systems

Glycol systems
Fire hydrants
Underground mains
Fire Pumps

Sprinkler heads
Fire mains
Sprinkler system installation

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Safe, Prompt Repairs That Benefit Your Building…And Your Bottom Line.

Damaged systems or fire destruction can result in costly business interruptions. That’s why our commitment to your business doesn’t stop at installation. Fire Protection, Inc. employs the systems and staff necessary to minimize disruption and have you back up and running right away.

Ensure Safety With Smart Maintenance

Once a fire protection system is installed, it can never be taken for granted. To be sure that it will work when needed most, your system must be in proper working condition and in full compliance with provincial fire codes.

According to NFPA, any work on a fire suppression system is to be done by a licensed individual who has undergone the necessary training required to perform the maintenance and recharge service as per NFPA guidelines. With over 20 years experience, our technicians are qualified to keep your system in proper working condition and full compliance.